Having a toddler exploring your home the perfect combination of being amused by their adventure, and at the same time being terrified of the dangers they face. And try as we may, we can’t really let them learn from their mistakes; especially if it could cost them dearly. Though there is a world of things to protect your children from, here are a few that we personally feel you should start with…  

  • Install out of reach, childproof locks on every door – though they are but tiny humans, toddlers are notorious at getting themselves into places they really shouldn’t be in, and worse, getting themselves locked out of helps reach. Rather than waiting for your little one to take advantage of your distraction, play it safe. Install childproof locks on ever door or drawer you don’t want your little one in. Magnetic locks may especially be of use to drawers low enough to pull out.
  • Have gates installed for the “danger spots” – sometimes, the things that attracted us to our dream home may be the very things that turn it into a nightmare home once our babies stat toddling around. Things like balconies, stairs and pools especially can be dangerous left open and easily accessible to your child. Make use of pool fencing and child gates to keep your baby out of danger. Read this article to find out more reviews regarding pool fencing.
  • Learn to place things that can be easily broken/damaged/harming for the baby in safe spots – one only needs to be in the company of a toddler to realize how much of the things we use in day to day life is fragile and easily breakable and harming to kids. Learnt to have a “home” for such things (your smartphone or professional camera, for example); make sure to return them to their home once you’re done using them.
  • Have distractions to divert them from the real danger – is your toddler attracted to the dangerous content of the kitchen drawers/cabinets? Perhaps they like the view from the glass balustrades of your home? Rather than catching them every time they head that way (turning it into a game), keep things to distract them from their destination. For example, rather than emptying out the lower kitchen shelves or drawers completely, keep a few baby safe kitchen items in then. Once they discover these, they might not reach for more.

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